My Film Buzz: A New Hope!

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So, reviews for the latest romantic comedy are in and they’re great. It’s got five stars and high scores on the internet. The only thing is, you may not like romantic comedies and prefer action movies. As a fan of action movies, if it doesn’t have at least one explosion and a few high kicks you probably won’t be interested. Even if it receives more stars than a galaxy far far away.


You know that you don’t usually go for romantic comedies, but what if these reviews are right? What if this is the romantic comedy that changes your opinion? What if it leads you to trade in your light sabre for a dozen red roses? Whenever we’re faced with this type of dilemma, most people will do the same thing…we will ask our friends.


Of course, it makes perfect sense! Just as Woody would turn to Buzz, we turn to our friends as they know us best. More often than not, it is our friends that share the same tastes as us. It is their opinions and reviews that hold most value and can be relied upon.


My Film Buzz provides a simple way to get personalised movie ratings. Ratings that are based on the thoughts and opinions of your friends and not a film critic from some alternative universe. You and your friends vote on the movies you’ve watched and My Film Buzz will provide a score that is tailored to you. If there is a movie that you haven’t seen, you use the My Film Buzz app and see what your personal score is for that movie. You can see a breakdown of the friends that have voted on that movie and which way each of them have scored it.


My Film Buzz will be available on the UK Apple App Store on 1st May 2017.